Any organization can predict the future. The successful ones create it!

Learn the creative problem-solving tools you need to craft a winning innovation plan for your organization no matter what the long-term future holds.


April 21-23, 2020
Fluno Center, UW Madison Campus

RECONVERGE:G2 2020 is the only immersive, three-day course designed specifically to teach your team to identify meaningful long-term trends, understand their implications, and plan for success in multiple possible scenarios. As the pace of change accelerates, most organizations will flutter like a flag in the wind – reacting only to the latest trends, and even then, acting too late to impact them. Winning organizations will be those who learn the foresight skills to create an actionable vision that will guide them regardless of what happens in the short term. If you have a long-term vision, you need a long-term plan.

Team Pricing and Registration Details: $2,950/team

Organizational team of up to five in-person participants and an unlimited number of virtual participants from the “home office”.

1. Individual participants may attend as part of a designated Not-For-Profit team. (We will assign one or you may propose one). $1,950 of your $2,950 registration fee will be donated as a tax-deductible contribution.

2. We are limiting number of team tickets available to 25 so that we can maximize the experience for each team, with five (5) of the 25 allocated for small local Not-For-Profit organizations under $1 million in annual revenue. Contact us if you wish to sponsor a local team.

3. One organization may register multiple teams (for example, to represent more than one business unit).

4. Because your organizational team will be working through a pressing business problem or organizational opportunity, we recognize that having “competitors in the room” may limit your ability to share information. We recognize this challenge, and have designed the event to mitigate those risks while maintaining opportunities for collaboration between teams.


(a) During registration, please identify up to two competing organizations who, if they were to register, you would want to avoid inadvertent “overhearing” of sensitive information. We can take steps to physically separate your teams in the room.

(b) When we plan collaborative activities where small groups chosen from different teams share problem-solving techniques (to the extent they choose to share), we will use the competitor information you provide to separate you from members of those teams.

(c) While we will make every effort to address potential conflicts, it is ultimately your responsibility to manage information disclosure.

Please note: Because participants at RECONVERGE:G2 2020 including leading intelligence professionals and their business executives/leadership, every participant at RECONVERGE:G2 2020 should treat all information heard or overhead as strictly confidential unless otherwise indicated.

5. You don’t need to have your team members identified at the time of registration. We will help you plan that before the event.

Who Should Attend

  • Innovation and research teams
  • Marketing leadership
  • Strategy and acquisition
  • Long-term planning task forces
  • Economic development groups
  • Reputation management
  • Organizational governance
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Growth executives
  • Strategic planning
  • Market research
  • Customer insights

What You’ll Get

  • Scenario-Based Plan
  • Immersive Team-Building
  • Innovation Metrics & KPIs
  • Proprietary IP

What can you expect at RECONVERGE:G2?

We’re committed to delivering an experience you will get nowhere else. From applied skill-building, to top-flight networking, to immersive fun (with a purpose!) experience, we promise you’ll make friends for the rest of your life. Yes, that’s a tall order. RECONVERGE:G2 delivers.

2020 Co-Chairs

We will announce additional facilitators and agenda details in the coming weeks. We encourage all attendees to connect in advance of RECONVERGE:G2 and begin taking advantage of the opportunity to build relationships.

Mandy McLean, CKM

2020 Co-Chair

Martha West

2020 Co-Chair

RECONVERGE:G2 2020 Agenda Details

Remember, this isn’t a lecture conference. Expect to arrive for each session ready to get to work. We’ll make time for you to catch up on emails and phone calls, but during the exercises, you’ll need to bring your A game. Are you ready?

We’ll add day-specific details in the coming weeks to help you plan, but don’t worry. We will connect with each team in advance to prepare you to get the most from the conference.


Winning Aspiration

  • Where to Play?
  • Forces & Trends


1. Scenario Analysis

  • Industry Fusion
  • Backcasting
  • IA-cubed
  • Alternate Futures


2. Forecasting

  • S-curves

  • Contradictions

  • Functional Analysis

  • Solutions Concepts


3. Foresight & Simulation

  • Superiority Analysis

  • Control Factor Determination

  • Angles of Attack™ Analysis

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis



  • Innovation Topic Choices

  • Cluster Priorities


  • Stakeholder Analysis

  • Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

What now?

  • Roadmaps, Organizational Implications

  • Dashboards & Scorecards

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Not sure who from your team can join you? You don’t need to have your team members identified at the time of registration. We will help you plan that before the event.

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Agenda specifics and speakers are subject to change.

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