Ask to Join an Existing Insight Circle

Insight Circles are tight-knit, small groups of like-minded intelligence, research and innovation professionals. Group dynamics are critical to their success. Therefore, we are careful to limit group size to no more than eight people (ideally fewer).

The map below shows existing Insight Circles and their membership status. If you find one still accepting members, use the email form to reach out to the group’s leader and ask to join. If you do not find an Insight Circle in your area, or if one exists but is no longer accepting members, we invite you to start your own.

U.S.-Based Insight Circles

Minneapolis, MN Insights Circle

Mission: Leverage Insights Circle’s collective expertise to make progress on complex issues and identify cross-industry best practices to accelerate process efficiencies.

Member Organizations Represented: Best Buy, Medtronic, Target Corporation, U.S. Bank, Xcel Energy

Group Contact Lindy Smart

Madison, WI Insight Circle

Coming Soon

Duluth, MN Insights Circle

Coming Soon.

Boston, MA Insights Circle

Coming Soon.

Group Contact: Victoria Richard

Atlanta, GA Insights Circle

Coming Soon.

Seattle, WA Insights Circle

Coming Soon.

Columbus, OH Insights Circle

Coming Soon.

Interested in Joining an Insight Circle?

Whether you are interested in joining an existing Insight Circle or starting your own, we would love to have you! Send an email to ForgeBelonging (at) RECONVERGE (dot) net and we will connect with you in person to discuss next steps.