Groundbreaking work on design thinking (Martin, 2009) and antifragility (Taleb, 2012) sets the foundation for this cutting-edge framework, packed with actionable insights for leveraging chaos as a force for enhancing your firm’s innovative capacity in turbulent times. Designing for Antifragile Reinvention requires a new vocabulary and toolkit. We’ll explore how these resources will help you identify gaps in your current innovative capacity and develop a roadmap for building Antifragile Reinvention into your firm.

  1. How to adapt Martin’s Knowledge Funnel to assess current reinvention capacity.
  2. How Design Thinking and Design Intelligence expands our capacity for Antifragile Reinvention.
  3. Proactive and Reactive strategies for a blended approach to Antifragile Reinvention.


About the Provocateur

Hostager is driven to add transformative value for companies, teams, and individuals, using a range of quantitative and qualitative methods for translating market insights and competitive intelligence into data-driven business growth strategies and learning frameworks. His passion is working with collaborative teams to create and launch new product and learning solutions for the data-rich digital age.