Insight Circle Overview

Insights Circles, facilitated by Aurora WDC, are small groups of Market Research,
Strategy, Innovation, and Intelligence professionals that come together to accomplish
a shared goal.

Purpose of an Insight Circle

Provide the vehicle to enable building stronger local intel communities and to create
more impactful intelligence for each member’s organization.

Value for Insight Circle Members

Aurora WDC will manage logistics, a common barrier to creating successful
collaborative groups. This allows members to concentrate on creating tangible output
and minimizes disruption to members’ daily work load.

  • Small group size, 5-8 members, allows for easy participation and collaboration
  • Tangible output and knowledge to bring back to members’ organizations
  • Cross industry collaboration that encourages new insights and methods
  • Collectively work toward a common goal – not just another networking event

The Common Goal

At the first meeting, members of each Insight Circle will develop a purpose specific
to their particular Insight Circle.

A few examples of a common goal:

  • Develop and test members’ most effective analysis tool to create a
    methodology book each member can bring back to their organization
  • Create a presentation on a shared topic of interest or issue to present at a
    webinar or conference
  • Develop cross industry indicators to build early warning systems

Commitment and Cost


  • Time: 1 – 1.5 hour meetings every 6 weeks or 2 months
  • Location: Host a meeting space one to two times per year
  • Effort: Ability to contribute toward the Insight Circle’s common goal

Cost: $99 includes

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Logistics for 6 – 10 meetings per year
  • Quarterly networking opportunities with other Insights Circles
  • Final product (book, presentation, etc.)