The Rogue Wave Convergence™ is here.

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s conference!

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Insight Circles are locally-based small groups of like-minded intelligence professionals dedicated to their craft and each other’s success.

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"You come in thinking you're pretty smart...and you leave wishing you were a lot smarter."

Joe Kindt
GE Energy

“I’ve been in competitive intelligence for 20-plus years, and I encountered things at RECONVERGE that I’ve never even tried.”

David Dawe
Cognizant (formerly TriZetto Software Group)

U.S.-Based Insight Circles

Minneapolis, MN Insights Circle

Mission: Leverage Insights Circle’s collective expertise to make progress on complex issues and identify cross-industry best practices to accelerate process efficiencies.

Member Organizations Represented: Best Buy, Medtronic, Target Corporation, U.S. Bank, Xcel Energy

Group Contact Lindy Smart

Madison, WI Insight Circle

Coming Soon

Duluth, MN Insights Circle

Coming Soon.

Boston, MA Insights Circle

Coming Soon.

Group Contact: Victoria Richard

Atlanta, GA Insights Circle

Coming Soon.

Seattle, WA Insights Circle

Coming Soon.

Columbus, OH Insights Circle

Coming Soon.