In many traditional “business to business” marketplaces, buyers are flexing their purchasing muscles. They are demanding higher-touch service, slicker interfaces, and dynamic pricing. That is especially evident in healthcare. The patient is becoming the consumer – and beginning to act like one. The emergence of digital technologies has created a shift towards the consumer-use of medical devices in the home. The challenge for healthcare companies will be to build upon their foundational knowledge with a set of classic consumer research tools. That toolset is better adapted to exploring the attitudes and behaviors of the modern healthcare consumer. Insights from this “little data” will inform and guide “big data” healthcare transformation, as well as provide insight for other B2B markets facing similar challenges.

  1. Examine trends in healthcare empowering consumers with more stake in decisions about their care.
  2. Explore approaches to defining the motivations behind consumer behavior.
  3. Broaden perspectives on “users as patients” versus “users as consumers”.

About the Provocateur

As Director of Analytics and Research Services, Shawn Oreschnick is responsible for delivering research based insights to both internal and external clients to drive strategic initiatives. As an expert in consumer insight, brand strategy and research, Oreschnick leverages his 15 years of experience to help Logic PD customers understand their users and anticipate market opportunities. Prior to joining Logic PD, Oreschnick held leadership positions at Smith-Dahmer Associates and GfK Custom Research. Earlier in his career, he worked at Capella University as well asseveral Twin-Cities marketing and advertising firms including Colle+McVoy and Periscope. Oreschnick graduated from the University of Minnesota, with a B.A. in International Affairs as well as a M.A. in Public Policy from the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.