Provocateur Resources

After curating over 100 IntelCollab webinars, we have learned how the best provocateurs generate superior engagement in their audience and spur the most exciting discussions. We have included a list of tips and tricks used by the most successful provocateurs over the past five years.

Preparation Timeline:

  • 30 days in advance: Approve the topic and schedule the webinar dates (we choose every other Wednesday). Provide your bio and photo as you would like it to appear on webinar promotional efforts. Download the slide template.
  • 7-10 days in advance: Review your draft PowerPoint slides with your moderator.
  • 2-3 days in advance: Complete a technology check using the computer, location, and microphone you will be using the day of the webinar
  • Day of the webinar: Allow yourself time to get to your location, set up your computer and microphone, use the bathroom, and have a glass of water handy.
  • 20 minutes in advance: Log in to GoToWebinar as a “presenter” using the link we provide to you. Quickly review the list of attendees (we will send an Excel file).
  • 10:59 am CST: Relax, and good luck! Your moderator will kick off the webinar, go through any announcements and then hand it over to you.

Tips from the Best Provocateurs:

  • Plan for about 30 minutes of content and 15-20 minutes of Q&A. It takes about five minutes to cover logistics at the beginning of the webinar before we hand it over to you. If you plan for 30 minutes, it is typical to run a few minutes late. That still gives us at least 15 minutes at the end of the webinar for Q&A – often the most valuable part of the discussion.
  • Design highly visual slides. If you want speaker notes, it is better to have those on your own copy of the PowerPoint deck. If you have too much content on the slide, viewers will read the slide instead of listen to you.
  • Test run your content in advance. We strongly recommend doing a dry run of your webinar as if you were running it live, keeping track of the time you spend on each slide (PowerPoint can track and record this for you).
  • Push the envelope. We call them “Provocateurs” for a reason. No one wants to listen to 30 minutes of content they already know. This is your chance to advocate for a strong point of view.
  • Make it relevant to intelligence practitioners. You do not need to be an intelligence analyst to be a Provocateur – in fact, many of our most successful webinars come from outside our field – but your audience will largely be intelligence professionals. Work with your moderator to find ways to relate your content to their daily lives.

PowerPoint Template

This template includes the standardized cover slide and “housekeeping” content we include at the front end of each IntelCollab webinar. You can insert your own slides as noted in the deck, or build your content within the template provided. If you have any technical or design questions, contact your moderator for assistance.

Download PPTx file: 16×9 format