Guidelines for setting up an Insights Circle

Guidelines for Setting up your Own Insight Circle:

  1. Find and connect with local members
    • Reach out to your network and your network’s network: 5-8 people who you think would work well together and learn from each other
    • Can’t find enough? Email for help
    • Share the Insights Circle Overview with your members so they can show the value to their leadership
  2. Plan a meeting location that works best for everyone (consider a “rotating host” at each member’s organization if conference room space allows it)
  3. Conduct your Kick-Off meeting
    • Email us for tools and templates to help facilitate your meetings
  4. Meet regularly based on your Insights Circle preference
    • Examples: 1 month, 6 weeks, or 2 months recurring for a year

Aurora WDC’s sponsorship of Insight Circles includes:

  • Bi-weekly newsletter tailored to the Insights Circle’s common goal or professional development (optional)
  • Reimbursement for the cost of a meeting space (up to $75, optional)
  • Priority access to present during IntelCollab webinar or RECONVERGE:G2 annual conference
  • Quarterly Networking with other Insights Circles in your city
    • First round of drinks and appetizers on us (up to $75)