RECONVERGE is a social learning community on a mission to forge belonging™ among the best and brightest intelligence professionals in the business world so they can discover how much more there is to learn.

Twice each month, the community comes together virtually through the IntelCollab™ webinar series, focusing on everything from intelligence tradecraft to technological and social trends. Smaller groups support each other in local Insight Circles™, creating a tight knit group of professionals dedicated to supporting and coaching each other.

Each year, the global RECONVERGE community embarks on a pilgrimage to Madison, Wisconsin for the three-day RECONVERGE:G2 Intelligence Leadership Symposium to immerse themselves in the latest trends and methods, learn by doing, and renew their bonds. If you are interested in what you can learn, as well as what you can contribute, we have several ways for you to do so:

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RECONVERGE:G2 Intelligence Leadership Symposium
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