Is nanotech the next LASIK?

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There are two root causes of near- and far-sightedness continuing to grow globally: education and urbanization. But, innovation in the corrective lens market has slowed in the years since the widespread adoption of LASIK corrective surgery split the market in two: those willing to go to surgical extremes (with its predictable side effects) to avoid wearing glasses or contact lenses; and, those who are not. New market innovation strategy has concentrated on business model transformation, such as, contact lens subscriptions, or pushing style/fashion factors down-market with e-commerce or broadening retail distribution.


Could the next technological disruptor in this sleepy market be lurking right around the corner? How would the incumbent players so heavily invested in helping people see more clearly react to a new product introduction that could upend their markets like LASIK did 20 years ago? The future of vision correction could come from a very unusual place… nanotechnology.


Are smart-wearables – like Google’s Glass project – be the future for lens makers and sellers or could nanotech disrupt that market also? How could such a major disruption be received by the half of the market unwilling to go through surgery? Are there other, bigger competitive shifts poised to make an even larger impact this market? Who’s working on this and when will they become a factor? Could nanoparticles eventually provide people with a form of “panopia” or super-human vision?


If you’re as fascinated by these questions as we are, you’ll want to join us October 23rd in Appleton, Wisconsin for KinnektorCon on one of the 10 competing industry teams and learn what it feels like to have the legs of your market swept aside by a rogue wave event like nanotech. More importantly, we’ll give you an immersion into the ideas and methods necessary to survive it.

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