2015 RECONVERGE: G2 Archive

This the agenda from the 2015 RECONVERGE:G2 symposium held in Madison, Wisconsin on April 14-16, 2015. Click here to return to the agenda archives page.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015 – Workshops

8:30am – Workshop

Dr. Craig Fleisher

Analytical Techniques to Solve Business Problems

11:00am – Workshop

Terry Thiele

War Gaming & Scenario Planning (1st)

12:00pm – Lunch


1:00pm – Workshop

Terry Thiele

War Gaming & Scenario Planning (2nd)

2:30pm – Workshop

Zena Applebaum

Best Practices in Rapidly Deploying Intelligence Systems

6:00pm – Reception

Hilton Monona Terrace

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

8:15AM – Welcome

Alysse Nockels

Introduction to RECONVERGE

8:30am – Keynote

David Cohen

Leadership & Collaboration in Intelligence: Critical Success Factors in Influencing Executives and Achieving Real Impact

9:15am – Session

Tim Stone

Fireside Chat and Q&A on Mr. Cohen’s Key Points

9:45am – Session

Joe Goldberg

Critical Differences Between Competitive and Business Intelligence

10:30am – Break


11:00am – Session

Terry Kerby

How Intelligence Leaders Should Coach Stakeholders Toward Better Outcomes

11:45am – Award

G2 Leadership Award Presentation

12:00pm – Lunch


1:00pm – Session

Terry Thiele

Intelligence in New Business Development

1:45pm – Session

Ed Allison

How to Transform Salesforce.com into a Competitive Sales Analysis App Using Intelligent Agents

2:15pm – Session

Zena Applebaum

Read All About It: Newsletters Aren’t Dead!

3:00pm – Break


3:30pm – Session

Kim Rosengren

The Link Between the Voice of the Customer and Strategy

4:00pm – Debate

Adam Wedwick vs. Zena Applebaum

Online Ethics Smackdown – Team “Fast & Loose” vs. Team Conservative | Moderated by Phil Britton

4:45pm – Session

Key Takeaways and Insights Recap

6:00pm – Reception

Cocktail Reception & Dinner at The Old Fashioned

Thursday, April 16, 2015

8:15am – Session

Jason Voiovich

Opening Remarks

8:30am – Keynote

Dr. Todd Hostager

How to Use Jam Sessions to Fuel Creativity and Drive Innovation

9:15am – Session

Dave Conley

Accurate Forecasting and Planning Guided by Well Defined Industry Trends

10:00am – Break


10:30pm – Session

Clay Phillips

Using Intelligence to Apply Lean Startup Methodology in Fortune 1000 Companies

11:00am – Session

Siew Neo

What the Intelligence Community Needs to Understand to Support Global Commercialization Efforts

11:30am – Shark Tank

Nat Brooks

Introduction to Shark Tank Business Plan Competition

12:00pm – Break


12:15pm – Keynote

Susan LaBelle

Rethinking the Engagement Model: The New Era for Academic and Industry Collaboration

1:00pm – Shark Tank

Shark Tank Business Plan Competition

2:30pm – Break


3:00pm – Shark Tank

Shark Tank Executive Panel

3:45pm – End

Closing Remarks