Why should you attend RECONVERGE:G2?

RECONVERGE:G2 – A uniquely immersive experience.

Are you tired of conferences with the same talks from the same people? Are you avoiding travel to events because you cannot justify the return on investment? Do you struggle to find something – anything – from your latest conference that made a difference for your organization?
If that’s you, you are not alone. Conferences have become repetitive and predictable. RECONVERGE:G2 is unlike any of those experiences. Limited to no more than 125 people, you will have three days to participate in immersive skill-building and planning exercises with colleagues and peers from multiple industries. Instead of a smattering of takeaways, you will leave with an action plan ready to implement when you arrive back at work.
You don’t want to miss this. RECONVERGE:G2 was designed just for you. Read on to learn more.

P&L Leaders

When you are accountable to business results, you do not have the time to listen to “interesting” facts – even about hot technology trends. Any insights need to generate real value – for your business unit specifically – in the near term. RECONVERGE:G2 will train you on the latest insight gathering techniques that you can put to work immediately in your organization. This isn’t a “sit and listen” conference. Come prepared to dig in.

Top Three Takeaways

    • Participate in a full-day competitive simulation – a unique experience – included in the price of admission.
      Actively participate in the intelligence gathering process and generate immediately actionable insights to drive topline and bottom line performance for YOUR business unit.
      Learn directly topflight colleagues in multiple disciplines in an immersive, intimate setting.

Technology Entrepreneurs

The Rogue Wave Convergence™ is coming – how do you know which disruptive technologies will combine in which novel way that will give you the opportunity for a 10X return? At RECONVERGE:G2, you won’t just learn about technology, you will actively plan for multiple possible futures. Armed with that insight, you can quickly pivot to outflank competition in the market and achieve geometric growth.

Top Three Takeaways

    • Learn low-cost and no-cost methods to gather intelligence about your offering or customers.
      Discover how to tell when your competitors are missing an opportunity.
      Network with other entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Intelligence & Research Professionals

In an era where so much depends on securing the right intelligence to help make the right decision at the right time, many intelligence professionals are frustrated that their findings fall on deaf ears. RECONVERGE:G2 will help you discover why that happens. You will dive into the mix, participating in simulation exercises with your intelligence consumers to learn what drives their decision making process and how to connect what you can produce with their needs.

Top Three Takeaways

    • Learn what you customers (internal or external) really want in your work product.
      Build your toolbox of interactive intelligence exercises.
      Connect with peers in your field to share experiences and tactics that work.