1 January 2020

Dear Diary,

Looking back on 2019 I’m proudest of my resolution a year ago to quit worrying about the minor stick-fetching everybody wanted and focus instead on the real mission of every leader: GROWTH.

Last year’s debate about measuring the team’s impact magically went away when clients started noticing how we helped them fix their flawed growth strategy. Better yet was showing them how to exploit those same frailties in our rivals, and all the new competitors we faced in those new markets they didn’t see were even there.

Nothing talks like results, right? Double-digit growth during a RECESSION (you’re welcome!) and the company’s breakthrough share capture in places we didn’t know existed a year ago. The competition is still wondering how we did it 😉

This year though we couldn’t care less what our competitors are thinking. As they say on my favorite show, “lions care not for the opinions of sheep”… speaking of, how about that SICK finale huh!?! Can’t wait for the movie but they should resurrect Jon Snow. He’s gonna be a daddy, YO!

Anyhoo… what’s my encore for 2020? Keep reskilling the team to take undefended market share of course… and I won’t even feel bad about it.