How to Design for the Future Ideas

Episode #3 of The Garland Report features Scott Smith, managing partner of the design firm Changeist. In this interview, Scott tells us why foresight (futures studies, futurism, predictive intelligence, whatever you want to call it) may not work from a top-down, decisionmaker-centric focus, but is perfect for design projects. Smith tells us about how the

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Creating Business Model Innovation (Step 4 of 4): Solving Your Specific Problem Featured, Ideas

"It's so much easier to suggest solutions when you don't know too much about the problem.” ~ Malcolm Forbes

When solving complex problems with innovative solutions how do we know when an effective resolution is attained? Implementing the solution and then waiting a quarter to see if profits are up, market share is expanded, or customer visible defects are decreased is too little too late. Simply depending on these types of lagging indicators is

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Transformative Competition – When Institutions Go Broke Featured, Ideas

Here’s a topic I’ll be covering at RECONVERGE:G2 – how companies compete in an era when the fundamental institutions upon which we rely begin to crumble. Back in July, Detroit, once America’s most prosperous city, declared Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy. American institutions of that magnitude do not crumble like that with some major economic consequence

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Creating Business Model Innovation (Step 3 of 4): Applying Inventive Principles in Solving Contradictions Featured, Ideas

Craig Wynett, Chief Innovation Officer, Procter & Gamble

How are the important solutions developed in your organization? Chances are they are developed through an informal trial and error process driven by a group of core individuals who have gained the confidence of management by establishing a decent solution generation track record. These individuals often have significant industry or organizational experience and therefore have

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Technical Intelligence (Part 2 of 4): Tools Gathering Dust in the Corporate Attic Featured, Ideas

P&G Technical Intelligence vs. Benchmarked Firms 2011

When I ran competitive intelligence at Procter & Gamble I was lucky to also have responsibility for “technical intelligence”. This included having a couple of incredibly talented PhD’s working for me. These individuals, career wise, belonged to P&G’s Research & Development organization but sat with us in Corporate Strategy and owned the company’s Technical Intelligence

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Harnessing the Power of Your Front Lines (Part 2 of 4): Creating Value from Employee Insights Featured, Ideas

When the detective finds a clue, they don’t move to prosecute immediately. They use the clue to investigate further, build their fact base, and solidify their case with as much detail as necessary.

Creating Value From Employee Insights Creating value from a VOE should be the ultimate goal, but how and/or if you get there will depend on your perspective about what the value should be and what your VOE effort is truly serving. If your main goal is innovation and employee satisfaction, you might find disappointing results.

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How Budweiser Got Rich Off of Prohibition Featured, Ideas

To give you all a preview of my upcoming keynote for RECONVERGE:G2, “Transformational Competition” I did a video blog for one of my favorite stories: how Anheuser-Busch used a catastrophe to rocket ahead of its rivals. You think you have a wicked strategic problem? Anheuser-Busch got its product banned completely by the US Federal Government.

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Creating Business Model Innovation (Step 2 of 4): Defining Problems as Contradictions Featured, Ideas

"Innovative solutions come from resolving contradictory requirements" ~ Genrich Altshuler, Father of The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

If your spouse wants to go somewhere tropical for your next family vacation but your children prefer a camping trip in the Rocky Mountains – you’ve got a lose-lose situation on your hands. You have one of three choices: A trip to the Yucatan peninsula complete with ocean-side pina coladas will probably pay large dividends

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G2: Developing the Role of Chief Reconnaissance Officer to Create a Shared Vision for Intelligence Leadership Featured, Ideas

Col. Oscar Koch poses before a plaque honoring his former commander, Gen. George S. Patton Jr., following the dedication of Patton Hall at Fort Riley in 1946. Koch was the head of the Army's intelligence school at Fort Riley.

Brig. Gen. Oscar W. Koch served during World War II as chief of intelligence (aka G-2) for one of the most colorful military leaders in American history, General George S. Patton, Jr. From Africa through Sicily into France on D-Day and on to the Battle of the Bulge, Gen. Koch’s intelligence apparatus made the difference

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Harnessing The Power of Your Front Lines (Part 1 of 4): Are You Really Listening to Your Employees? Featured, Ideas


Definition of Listen 1.  To pay attention to sound 2.  To hear something with thoughtful attention; give consideration If asked, nearly every company in the world would say it is important to listen to their employees. They would also likely agree that no one knows their customers better than the men and women who interact

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