Pre-Webinar Overview

We have arrived at a point in history where demographic slowdown, financial market and economic instability, and optimization driven management practices are fanning the flames of rivalry across industry. The lifecycle of product platforms is being cut short, innovation processes are being disrupted, and traditional buyer-supplier relationships are being compromised. The result is an environment of ‘dog-eat-dog’ competition.

Competitive Intelligence has traditionally focused on helping decision makers understand rival firms, but the stakes have been never been higher. Intelligence practitioners need to take the lead in unpacking current competitive conditions. They need to adjust their products and techniques to give decision makers new ways to outmaneuver rivals, win market share, and prosper from the inevitable disruption and dislocation being visited on nearly every segment of industry.

Learning Objectives

  1. How we arrived at the current competitive dynamics
  2. Assessment of the key trends and features that will likely govern the marketplace over the next decade
  3. Outline of the critical skills and analytic processes Intelligence practitioners will need to master in the age of Zero Sum Competition.