Intelligence analysis is a complex discipline that is always changing. Training today and tomorrow’s analysts is a challenge that few organizations have mastered. They face escalating client demands to regularly deliver timely, penetrating insight to pressing, emerging or even somewhat hidden business opportunities and problems that no one else in the organization can achieve. Top analysts are expected to understand the best insight producing processes and practices, employ the most effective and efficient tools at their disposal, develop an analyst’s mindset or needed cultural sensitivities, and apply a dizzying array of analysis methods. So, how do rising analysts learn these competencies? This webinar features leading professors from two universities whose programs are at the “front of the class” when it comes to educating and preparing intelligence analysts for these challenges.

Both of these programs, one which has been producing intelligence graduates for over a decade and the other much newer to the field, were responsible for generating one of Aurora’s annual Jim Mathews Award for Intelligence Excellence winners n 2016. Our two provocateurs will share with you the aim and goals of their programs, identify what they view as important in educating their students, brief you about what works and doesn’t when it comes to analyst education, and give you a glimpse of where thy see their programs going in the next few years. Join us on April 27 for a look inside the walls of two leading intelligence analysis programs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain awareness of two of the top intelligence analysis educational programs available from universities
  2. Acquire understanding of what these universities view as being critical in the education of current and future analysts
  3. Learn about what does and doesn’t work as it applies to analyst education in post-secondary institutions
  4. Obtain a sneak peek at where these programs expect to evolve and how they view analyst education as changing in the next few years.