How can you revitalize the market and competitive intelligence function in your organization to be a principal partner with strategy and planning to shape the future together with your leadership?

Since its start in February 1995, Aurora WDC has relentlessly driven forward the agenda, priorities and value of the intelligence function for businesses of all sizes and in every industry. But where can market and competitive intelligence professionals concentrate their efforts in the decades ahead to maximize their value to the organizations they serve? Which trends will shape the future of our field and which ones will threaten it?

For the past two decades, the shift from intelligence practitioners as “observers” of change confronting the enterprise to “collaborators” in addressing the tangible problems such change creates, has unlocked tremendous value for the companies and leaders that have invested in intelligence capabilities for their organizations. However, there is so much more opportunity to drive the very change our forebears tried so hard merely to interpret.

A new vision of the intelligence professional who helps spur action and transformation of the organization from the outside in demands a new role for the intelligence leader and the apparatus and team who supports them. At Aurora, we call this role the “provocateur” and it’s more important than ever for intel pros to seize this higher calling…or it’s a certainty that someone else will.

Learning objectives:

  • Who, why and how should intelligence professionals aspire to become and serve in their highest calling?
  • How can organizations use provocateurs to help them cope with and respond to continuously accelerating change?
  • What specific steps do observers need to take to become collaborators and how can collaborators transform themselves into provocateurs?

Arik Johnson founded Aurora WDC in February 1995 and serves today as Chairman and Managing Director of Aurora’s intelligence R&D lab, the Centers for Organizational Reconnaissance (also known as