Intelligence Tradecraft & Methods

How to Use the Business Model Canvas as an Intelligence Tool

While the business model canvas typically has been used by startups, intelligence practitioners can use the business model canvas approach in conjunction with CI tools to help organizations of all types to understand which components of their business model are at risk.

How to Use Funnel Forms and CI Signals for Antifragile Reinvention

Groundbreaking work on design thinking (Martin, 2009) and antifragility (Taleb, 2012) sets the foundation for this cutting-edge framework, packed with actionable insights for leveraging chaos as a force for enhancing your firm’s innovative capacity in turbulent times.

How to Drive Maximum Value from Your Intelligence Function

Ever feel your intelligence or research function could make a stronger impact but leadership just doesn’t listen? Provocateur Mr. Hahlbeck provides a framework for appropriately aligning your function, for ensuring equilibrium within your function, and developing a roadmap that leads to greater results.