How can decision makers better understand your company¹s competition as well as your own enterprise?

What’s your baseline for understanding the competition’s motivations, objectives, challenges‹and management style? What’s your approach to learning the evolving story of your competitor and your industry to give you the edge as it illuminates gaps in their strategies and reveals areas for greater exploration in your own business plan?

What’s your intelligence playbook?

Time pressures and everyday workload can obstruct your view of the competitor, but the intelligence playbook provides an organized, topic-based approach to facilitate understanding. Comprised of no fewer than a dozen critical considerations and incorporating not only ‘hard’ but ‘soft’ sciences, creating and applying an intelligence playbook provides your compass to an ongoing competitive intelligence function.

We’ll discuss a case study specific to the healthcare and life sciences industry, and participants will find techniques, strategies, and considerations to provide value and insight in any business environment.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the playbook: Understand how to create one; chapters to include; options to consider; and how to leverage gained intelligence and insight.
  • Understand the competitor’s mindset: What motivates their decision making? Learn to determine and appreciate not only the skills and objectives of the competitor’s management team, but their unique roles, ambitions and depth of insight.
  • Discover how an intelligence playbook will lead you to the management style and objectives of your competitor; one chapter after another.


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