Competitive profiling and monitoring relies on a combination of primary and secondary research to give us a more three-dimensional picture of competitive target organizations.  As intelligence practitioners, we have been trained to “follow the money” and piece together clues to predict upcoming changes. What we sometimes forget is that the money trail isn’t the only early warning of competitive activity.  In fact, shifting workforce dynamics within your competitors are often the first sign of a change – whether it is in a new market, a new message or a new product.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn where to research and how to monitor workforce dynamics.
  2. Prioritize the workforce characteristics that will be the most insightful or relevant to your competitive review.
  3. Understand how to interpret meaningful workforce trends including virtual workforces and the gig economy.

About the Provocateur

Experienced in the development and delivery of Global Workforce Insights, Marketing Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Management Consulting and Staffing Strategy.  In-depth expertise across the Telecommunications, Technology, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, and Financial Services industries. Specialties include: Competitive Pipeline Analysis, Organizational Alignment, Market Research, Benchmarking Go-To-Market Strategies, Pricing/Cost Analysis, Product Strategy, Early Warning Systems for Competitive Landscape, Global Workforce Analytics.