Have you ever been overwhelmed with hundreds of resumes when trying to fill an intelligence position? Have you ever hired someone only to learn later that you’ve changed the dynamics of your team in a negative way? Have you ever struggled to choose one individual out of three outstanding finalists?

Recruiting a top-flight intelligence analyst can be a daunting task; the sheer number of resumes a manager receives is bewildering! Critical information and traits are often not included in the resume. The personalities encountered in an interview can sometimes be misleading. This presentation will take you through a fictional, yet fun, example of how Acme Corporation added a new CI analyst to their team, using some characters you’re already very familiar with.

Learning objectives:

  1. Discover tactics that narrow the candidates to a manageable interview pool
  2. Identify red flags to watch out for during interviews
  3. Learn the steps to rank candidates quickly and find the one most suited to the role and organization

Alysse Nockels joined McAfee in 2006 where she built the competitive intelligence function from the ground up and is now responsible for managing CI across McAfee’s product portfolio. Prior to joining McAfee, Alysse held systems engineer, security engineer and price-to-win roles at Lockheed Martin.

Alysse has a master’s degree in Information Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Systems. She is the current Vice Chair of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), earned her CI Professional (CIP-II) certification from the Academy of Competitive Intelligence and obtained Product Management certification from Pragmatic Marketing.