Does everyone in your organization aggregate information from secondary sources the same way? Do they comment in a centralized repository where institutional knowledge can be learned and leveraged for competitive advantage?

If you answered “no” to either of those provocative questions, then join us for a webinar to learn about how intelligence aggregation systems unite the people, sources and knowledge in your organization to collaborate on competitive and market issues.

Learning objectives:

  • How collaboration can increase efficiency, turning information into intelligence.
  • How competitive intelligence aggregation systems can take the lead on collaboration.
  • How to keep information front and center, thereby increasing the visibility and longevity of competitive intelligence functions.

Zena Applebaum is the Director of Competitive Intelligence at Bennett Jones LLP, a leading international law firm based in Canada. Zena’s primary responsibilities include practice development, market and competitor performance analysis, client relationship management, counter-intelligence and marketing. Zena brings a unique perspective to intelligence and market dynamics as a result of broad business development, data management, marketing, and corporate research experience in a variety of sectors.

Zena has a joint academic and applied Master of Arts degree in Communication and Culture from York and Ryerson Universities. A regular speaker and writer on competitive intelligence topics in Canada and abroad, Zena authored “Business Intelligence for Law Firms” published in November 2012, by The Ark Group. Zena currently serves as a The Chair of the Special Library Association Competitive Intelligence Division Board of Directors and is a former member of the SCIP Board of Directors.