Intelligence professionals work in dynamic arenas that are constantly changing. Intelligence is most valuable amid changing circumstances, so for this industry, tumult and turmoil is the norm.

However, that is often not the case throughout the rest of the organizations where intelligence professionals work. In those realms, change creates uncertainty, which leads to anxiety, which threatens productivity and performance. Thus, if intelligence professionals can understand how communicating within their organizations during periods of significant change requires a unique approach, then they can be more successful gathering insights and ensuring they’re well-founded, well considered and acted upon.

Learning objectives:

  • To adapt the approach of intelligence professionals to distinct internal audiences to increase the likelihood they will engage as desired.
  • To craft communications in a way that makes the audience more receptive and more likely to take desired actions.
  • To choose communication channels intentionally and in a way most likely to lead to success.
  • To avoid the pitfalls common in internal communication that can diminish your credibility and inhibit success.

Stacy Armijo is Senior Vice President for Pierpont Communications and General Manager of the firm’s Austin office. Pierpont is one of the largest independent firms in Texas and providing services in public relations, marketing, public affairs and digital communications for corporations, nonprofit organizations and public entities. As part of her role, Stacy counsels clients regarding critical issues, providing support such as on-site crisis response and proactive issues management. Stacy has been named a Woman of Influence by the Austin Business Journal and an Austin Under 40 winner for “PR, Marketing and Advertising” for her work in the industry and with nonprofit and civic organizations in the Austin area.