Is it possible to put your strategic, market and competitive intelligence function on a path toward higher performance? Are there any universal lessons to be learned from more experienced corporate practitioners that can be adapted and adopted to any intelligence program? And where do those leaders congregate? How can you connect with them?

In 2013, Aurora WDC organized and hosted the first RECONVERGE:G2 Intelligence Leadership Symposium and now, after four iterations of the format and content, we’re again honored and humbled to invite you to the next one in our hometown of Madison, Wisconsin next April 19-21, 2016.

In attendance at that very first RECONVERGE:G2 confab, two of the field’s brightest lights – Alysse Nockels from Intel and Phil Britton from Ulta Beauty – contributed to what became a benchmark program for intelligence leaders from every industry. They are generously co-chairing this next meeting in Madison and will be hosting this webinar to cover some of the highlights you have to look forward to. We’ll feature a few surprise guests from the Speakers roster and describe the Agenda in detail.

Learning Objectives:

  1. What fundamental lessons learned can any intelligence leader adopt and adapt to their program from the most experienced corporate practitioners?
  2. Which intelligence topics, business problems and performance metrics characterize programs that enjoy long-term success versus those which flame out?
  3. How can an intelligence leader develop a program development roadmap to elevate performance continuously – both expectations and results – to the next level?