How can you engage your audience and create dynamic back-and-forth discourse with the help of your intelligence technology tools?

All too often the audience that intelligence professionals serve is left wanting. Deliverables may not be detailed enough, may not be timely enough or the audience may not know where to look to find it on their own. These are all common pain points that intelligence technology can help ease but how can you create a better intelligence consumer?

Is it ever too early to train your new hires about your intelligence capabilities?

How can you harness multiple intelligence technology systems for maximum impact?

Join us in this continued conversation of intelligence technology and hear practical examples and techniques of engaging your existing audience and capturing the attention and knowledge of the audience that doesn’t yet understand the power of intelligence systems.

Learning objectives:

  1. Hit the ground running with examples of intelligence technology that can engage both the tech-averse executive and the savvy analyst.
  2. Learn how to target the needs of your audience so you can deliver what they need before they know they need it.
  3. Understand how to use multiple channels to better reach your audience and do so in holistic manner.