Pre-Webinar Overview

Ever feel your intelligence or research function could make a stronger impact but leadership just doesn’t listen? Provocateur Mr. Hahlbeck provides a framework for appropriately aligning your function, for ensuring equilibrium within your function, and developing a roadmap that leads to greater results. Using real life examples, you’ll walk away with tangible ways to reevaluate the impact and product mix of your intelligence function.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discover how to align your function using tools like the Business Model Canvas, the Balanced Scorecard, and your Value Stream to define your intelligence services
  2. Consider ways to balance your services, capabilities, and platforms to achieve maximum impact (SPOILER ALERT: It’s a moving target)
  3. Discuss how to avoid crippling late learning with roadmap iteration
  4. Learn 7 ways to determine whether you’re delivering to expectations

Post-Webinar Summary

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How to Drive Maximum Value from Your Intelligence Function: Webinar Transcript

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