Pre-Webinar Overview

The best intelligence program can produce failure if cognitive bias goes unrecognized and unmanaged. Even if you engage in best practices, social bias, memory bias, decision bias, and probability bias can hijack your program. In this webinar, Mr. Garland lays out the latest in behavioral economic research to show how sophisticated intelligence practitioners can produce superior results – or face strategic catastrophe despite their best efforts.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize the challenges of an advanced intelligence program – how real insights get hijacked by cognitive bias, and how to overcome this trap
  2. How to identify decision biases: normalcy bias, the Semmelweis reflex, and more
  3. How to identify probability biases: survivorship bias, authority bias, and more
  4. How to identify social biases: just world bias, the Dunning Kruger effect, and more
  5. How to identify memory biases: Good Ol’ Days bias, the hindsight filter, and more
  6. Case study: A technology company, new CEO, disruptive technology, and the strategic trap they could easily have avoided

Post-Webinar Summary

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How Four Cognitive Biases Deceive Analysts and Destroy Actionability: Webinar Transcript

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