Have you explored how competitive intelligence could benefit recruiting in your organization? Would your company benefit from better understanding what type of talent will be needed in the future?

Most competitive intelligence professionals work within the strategy, marketing, or product areas of companies. They have never thought of how their skills could benefit the company’s hunt for the best talent, neither have executives. However, the use of Competitive Intelligence in HR and recruiting can lead to significant annuals savings from reduced use of external search firms and reduced time to fill openings. The research and analysis helps the recruiters and business partners to better understand the geographic markets in which they recruit, the pool of available talent, future human capital needs, and the competitive landscape. This webinar explores how to build a recruiting-focused Competitive Intelligence team, how to repurpose existing intelligence to aid HR, specific discovery tools for talent information, and examples of KIQs and deliverables.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand how competitive intelligence can aid HR decision-making and improve recruiting activities.
  2. Recognize ways to utilize insights from other functions (strategy, marketing, product) to support the search for talent.
  3. Identify the top sources of talent-focused information.

Stephanie Heyroth is an Information Specialist in Human Resources, Talent Acquisition at Allstate Insurance Company in Chicago. She services the information needs of the company’s recruiters for the functions of technology, marketing, claims, product operations, finance, and procurement. Formerly, Stephanie worked as a marketing specialist for a software engineering company in Minneapolis. She received a B.A. in advertising and public relations as well as a B.S. in marketing and supply chain management from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She also holds a M.A. in library and information studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Stephanie is an active member of SCIP and SLA.