Great competitive intelligence drives decisions, and in practice that requires more than clever analysis and important insights.

We’ll focus on connecting with executives by making content more Visible so that our work has the right audience; making information Interactive both literally and conceptually to help engage executives and give them more ownership; and, making information Provocative to drive action. Kevin will cover specific techniques that his team at IBM is using in their competitive intelligence program, and we’ll welcome examples from others during the Q&A session.

Learning objectives:

  1. Reach your executive team- Be more Visible (Brand, Intrigue, Package, Promote).
  2. Engage executives – Be more Interactive (Collaborate, Empower, Visualize, Chronicle.)
  3. Drive action – Be more Provocative (Activate, Challenge, Advocate, Lead).

Kevin Mann is Principal Analyst, Strategic Insights, Competitive Intelligence at IBM. His focus is on making competitive intelligence information more impactful within IBM. During his career, he has worked in the sales, services, software, and research divisions at IBM, working with customers in over 25 countries.