Financials on your industry counterparts often reveal important storylines. Can you separate fact from fiction? Are you able to describe how balance sheets, cash flow statements and profitability measures are best used to analyze and assess the competition’s ability to remain a viable threat to your company’s operations? Of what significance are key financial concepts like liquidity, profitability, debt load, business growth and bankruptcy predictors for insight professionals attempting to forecast another company’s viability?

Interpreting fact from fiction in reading a competitor’s financials is a critical skill for those expected to conduct financial analysis. It is critical that you identify valuable financials, know key financial concepts and their metrics, understand strategic implementation of ratios to determine the general health of your competition and further comprehend the limitations posed by financial analysis alone in gauging the strength of other corporate entities.

Join us to hear from industry expert, Mark Johnson, for this insightful discussion of financial analysis and how to use it to predict business sustainability.

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain introduction to financial peer comparisons and trend indicators.
  2. Understand how financial ratios help in analysis of the competition’s potential for success.
  3. Learn how to assess special financial situations like venture/start-ups, private competitors, and divisions of larger enterprises.
  4. Know how to consider advanced concepts such as war chests and burn rates.