How can a basic misunderstanding of what a “Key Intelligence Topic” (KIT) is become a barrier to mastering the most effective user-needs identification process?

The KIT method is the most effective user-needs identification process being used by competitive intelligence (CI) professionals today. Properly applied it becomes an effective corporate function, a vital management practice, and in time, a critical element of organizational culture.

Since the most critical activity in the overall intelligence process is the cogent identification of an organization’s real intelligence needs, a basic misunderstanding of the KITs often becomes a barrier to its effective application.

What methods should intelligence practitioners consider to identify their company’s intelligence needs succinctly? And, what operational tasks and results should they expect to derive from those methods?

And although the KIT process appears simple and straightforward, it can be surprisingly difficult in practice. This professional challenge can be overcome. Understanding and mastering the KIT process will not only enhance your organization’s intelligence performance, but also your own professional effectiveness.

Join Jan Herring, renowned business intelligence expert and creator of the KIT concept, in this webinar to help make the KIT methodology work for you!

Learning Objectives

  1. Properly define a Key Intelligence Topic (KIT), what it is and what it is not.
  2. Understand the fundamentals of the KIT user-needs identification process.
  3. Discern the three basic types of KITs and their sources, and their role in the overall intelligence process.