From leading or facilitating 100s of strategic projects over the past 25 years, we saw the need for a better approach to capturing interpreting and utilizing the masses of research and intelligence we gather in which to envision the future and construct strategic plans. GACs experience also shows that the need for intelligence and the dissemination of the findings, is becoming less targeted to any one functional group and is evolving to provide benefits for diverse members of cross-functional teams. To address this need we developed a methodology and software application to improve digestion, sharing and refreshing of information. Our StratMap approach can benefit teams and organizations in not only compiling intelligence but envisioning how it will likely impact the market place, your competitors and you. Providing an integrative cross-functional approach can raise the appreciation for the role of intelligence to optimize strategy and for the intelligence team’s position as the catalyst within the organization.

Learning Objectives

  1. Share the strategic framework that can be manual or software enabled
  2. Discuss the information mapping method and rationale
  3. Share a few examples of how it has been utilized
  4. Brainstorm with the audience for how it could be meaningfully applied to the scope of your intelligence practices
  5. Describe how the method and tool has been advanced to help create and keep alive strategic plans