Pre-Webinar Overview

The new product development process is not easy, and failure commonly occurs. “Fuzziness” frequently arises in the front end of innovation (FEI) from volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, resulting in difficulties leading to many of these failures. Nevertheless, all failures are not identical, and some of them are attributable to information and/or insight deficiencies. Organizing the innovation process differently, and using intelligence-driven approaches, can help avoid several common FEI-related problems and improve the success rates of new products. In this webinar, we’ll talk identify the challenges present in doing innovation – particularly at its fuzzy front end, cover the variety of intelligence methods that can reduce the “fuzziness,” and identify other helpful ideas at the intersection of strategy, intelligence and innovation.

Learning Objectives

  1. To obtain an understanding that intelligence concepts and analytical techniques can complement the classical new product/service development process (NPD)
  2. Recognize many different ways of providing another perspective at the front end of the NPD process which may lead to a greater success rate of new products/services.
  3. To provide guidelines for firms to practice synthesized intelligence-driven innovation (IdI.)