Pre-Webinar Overview

How are the most agile companies avoiding being blindsided in a period of elevated economic and political risk? A critical success factor is knowing which available indicators to track and how to link them to vulnerabilities and potential opportunities. This session will provide a window into the leading-indicator dashboards of companies that manage volatility best, from a range of sectors (consumer products, industrials, and health care).

“When a butterfly flaps its wings in China, it rains in Brazil” is a familiar adage among meteorologists, but it is also an effective analogy for economic forecasting. Most country forecasts that companies use to inform plans and set targets are focused on domestic trends and market-size benchmarking — they assume continuity with the past rather than highlighting potential changes ahead.

Frontier Strategy Group, an emerging-markets advisory firm, has found that leading indicators and scenarios are essential tools when forecasting for international markets. Oil price declines, currency depreciation, and financial-flow reversals have had complex effects, tumbling some emerging markets into recession while highlighting the resilience of others.

In this session, Frontier Strategy Group’s Global Head of Research Joel Whitaker will showcase FSG’s economic outlook for 2017, from oil prices to currency volatility, as well as FSG’s latest growth forecasts for key regions and countries. He will also illustrate how FSG’s clients and analysts incorporate leading indicators and scenarios into their forecasts revisions, from China GDP to Brazil health care to Russia consumer spending.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to select and track leading indicators of the drivers of your business
  2. Understand which leading indicators are expected to rise, fall, and experience volatility in the coming year
  3. Adapt a short list of industry-relevant leading indicators from agile companies in the consumer products, industrial, and health-care sectors

Post-Webinar Summary

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: Webinar Transcript

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