Pre-Webinar Overview

Competitor role play or war gaming does not have to be played out on a strategic level. Its value can be applied in a go to market situation to keep the business honest, fine tune existing plans and stay one step ahead. The best in class practice available from a number of authoritative sources propose different but at times quite a specific approach. This Intelcollab shares how the best in class war game approach was adapted to fit the cultural and the tactical issue it looked to address, ahead of one of the biggest changes in the UK mobile market at that time.

This session will present frameworks and techniques that CI professionals can use to improve their collaborative tactical CI. Key take outs will include:

Learning Objectives

  1. Example of how the best in class theory was adapted and applied
  2. Guide to selling and executing the competitor role play
  3. Action items on ensuring the actions are integrated into existing plans

Post-Webinar Summary

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: Webinar Transcript

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