The objectives, metrics and policy constraints of how intelligence is produced and delivered is obviously different in a military context than it is in the business world, but the two environments share more in common than one might notice on the surface.

If we look more deeply, we can see the processes of tasking, collection, analysis and decision-support, for example, are all strikingly similar in driving managerial attention and leading executive action. Likewise, the role of the extended cadre of colleagues conducting casual reconnaissance to support more professionally dedicated intelligence specialists is an opportunity to share best practices… among many others.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize the transferable skills between military and corporate intelligence.
  • Understand how similarities between each arena can elevate the intelligence disciplines of both.
  • How to maximize intelligence program success in business by leveraging military best practices.

Tony Rivera is a Retired Marine intelligence officer with over 16 years of progressive experience collecting, analyzing, managing, and solving organizational intelligence issues in complex global environments. As an intelligence officer, Tony served at all levels within the Marine Corps and Joint DoD environment. Tony has a Master’s Degree in Intelligence Studies with a concentration in Competitive Intelligence and it currently the Director of Analytics and Regulatory Intelligence for GE Heathcare in the Quality, Regulatory and Medical business.