Which collaboration opportunities between HR, recruiting and CI can create competitive advantage for the whole enterprise? Do you understand how talent underpins competitive advantage in the marketplace? Do you know what corporate entities share important commonalities with competitive intelligence that are, unfortunately, seldom fully exploited to the organization’s advantage?

The human resources (HR) and recruiting function is, both, a source for and user of CI. Its roles include job analysis, competitive sourcing, internal corporate recruiting and external third-party recruiting.

When both the competitive intelligence and HR/recruiting functions are collaborating at their best within an organization, they are people-centric, externally focused, well-networked inside and out, incorporating internal consultants who possess effective advisory skills, measuring their value in innovative ways and driving strategy with senior management.

A more typical scenario, however, is that recruiting has an entirely external focus, failing to use “network nodes” of valuable information, while internal consultants operate primarily to please internal clients.

Join us for this important webinar and learn how partnership between CI and recruiting sharing information and collaborating can turn the organization’s talented people into true sources of competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how talent acquisition fits within the corporate HR function and discover how various types of recruiters operate.
  2. Understand the similarities between top recruiters and top CI people and what factors influence their ultimate success.
  3. Discover specific strategies to build bridges between corporate CI and recruiting functions.