How would a proactive, calculated acquisition strategy strengthen the competitive position of your company and accelerate its growth?

Jeff will discuss Project Universe, a strategic framework to identify, define, analyze and prioritize a list of all relevant acquisition target opportunities. The goal is to strengthen your company’s competitive position and accelerate its growth through a proactive, calculated acquisition strategy.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand how to establish strategic priorities with business partners.
  2. Segment and profile all potential market players on the competitive landscape and execute comprehensive analysis.
  3. Prioritize and select acquisition targets by revenue opportunity, strategic relevance (game-changers, bolt-ons, adjacent), defensive implications for each business.

Jeff Beeny leads strategy and intelligence initiatives including key customer account development, commercial alliances/partnerships, and business operations. He has 20+ years of strategy, intelligence and business development experience driving long-term performance at companies including PerkinElmer, Cardinal Health, Thermo Fisher Scientific, EMC Corp., GTE and Gillette. He holds an MBA Finance/Strategy from Boston College’s Graduate School of Management, a B.S. Chemistry from Purdue University and is a strategic advisor for Green Tech America, Inc.