Pre-Webinar Overview

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be a valuable series of insights to analyze when examining the behaviors of your competitive set. As KPIs are excellent early warning indicators of a company’s ability to compete, these methods of understanding an organization’s forward-looking abilities as well as potential vulnerabilities are an excellent source of insights that can drive deeper understanding of those competitors. Join past RECONVERGE:G2 Provocateur, Ryan Macumber, as he helps us discover answers to the following learning objectives:

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to establish a partnership between a Competitive Intelligence and Market Insights team and the organization’s Finance group to construct a financial framework of your competition.
  2. Apply a financial framework to your competition to highlight key financial indicators and points of vulnerability that will outline strategic and tactical options to the organization.
  3. Outline the KPIs that can provide an early warning advantage to the organization through more thorough financial analysis.

Post-Webinar Summary

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How to Use Financial Early Warning Indicators to Understand Competitor KPIs: Webinar Transcript

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