Pre-Webinar Overview

Product Portfolio Management is a critical part of the P&L “operating system” of nearly every organization. While the nuances may change from industry to industry, the core management tenants remain the same. In this session, Jason Voiovich will show you how to anticipate unique stakeholder intelligence needs using a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) framework using real-world examples from med-tech, aerospace, consumer and industrial products and services. During this interactive webinar, come prepared to deepen your understanding of how you as an intelligence professional can add meaningful value to this critical business process. Becoming an effective contributor to the PLM process makes you an indispensable member of your organization’s brain trust, not just an ad hoc contributor.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn techniques to keep intelligence top of mind during the fulfillment phases of the product lifecycle – where products spend most of their time (and earn all of their profit).
  2. Understand where to inject intelligence activities into the development process to keep the team responsive to market shifts.
  3. Find out what product managers really want to know as they are conceiving of new products.

Post-Webinar Summary

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How to Maximize the Role of Insights Throughout the Product Lifecycle: Webinar Transcript

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